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              The AK Steel Foundation

              Supporting Causes Important to Our Communities

              Through the AK Steel Foundation, we are able to make a positive impact on the communities where our employees work and live. In addition to providing direct support to nonprofits, the AK Steel Foundation supports the United Way in all of our plant communities. Over the years, the AK Steel Foundation has donated millions of dollars to the United Way – helping the organization fund childhood education programs, improve the health and independence of people in the community and help families in need achieve financial stability.

              In recent years, the AK Steel Foundation has provided support to numerous charitable organizations, including, among many others:

              • American Heart Association
              • ArtsWave
              • Boys and Girls Clubs
              • Central Connections
              • Cincinnati Children's Hospital
              • Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati
              • Habitat for Humanity
              • Junior Achievement
              • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
              • March of Dimes
              • Middletown Community Foundation's Ready Campaign
              • Salvation Army
              • United Way
              • YMCA
              • YWCA

              AK Steel Scholarship ProgramsCover of 2019 Sons and Daughters Scholarship Application

              Sons and Daughters Scholarship Program

              The AK Steel Foundation awards competitive college scholarships to children of company employees through its Sons and Daughters Scholarship Program. This scholarship opportunity is administered by the Middletown, Ohio Community Foundation who independently selects each recipient based on their outstanding academic achievement, leadership and community involvement.


              2019 AK Steel Sons and Daughters Scholarship Recipients

              Louie F. Cox Memorial AK Steel Foundation African American Scholarship

              The Louie F. Cox Scholarship benefits African American students who live or will graduate from a high school located in Butler or Warren Counties in Ohio. The $20,000 scholarship strives to recognize and reward outstanding high school academic and non-academic achievements, and to provide financial assistance to deserving scholars pursuing a bachelor’s degree on a full-time basis from an accredited U.S. state or private not-for-profit college or university. The award is administered by The Middletown, Ohio Community Foundation. No preference will be given to AK Steel employees or their children. Association with AK Steel or its subsidiaries is not a condition of eligibility.

              Steel Magnolia Awards

              In recognition of women who have overcome obstacles to make a difference in the lives of others, the AK Steel Foundation underwrites the Steel Magnolia Awards. The awards honor women who have faced personal adversity and shown exceptional strength, courage, compassion and leadership in the communities in which AK Steel operates. The recipients are selected by an independent panel of judges and the award is managed by the Middletown, Ohio Community Foundation. Forty-four Steel Magnolia Awards have been presented to inspirational women since the program's inaugural year in 2009.

              Nomination forms for the 2019 Steel Magnolia Awards are now available. The deadline to nominate an inspirational woman in your community has been extended until September 30, 2019.

              2019 Steel Magnolia Nomination Form

              AK Steel Matching Gift Program

              The AK Steel Foundation offers a generous Matching Gift Program to help employees increase the value of their charitable contributions each year. Numerous organizations benefit from the program, including universities, arts organizations and agencies providing health and human services.

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