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              High Strength Steel for Automotive Applications

              ULTRALUME? Press Hardenable Steel (PHS) is an aluminized Type 1, heat-treatable, boron steel intended for automotive steel applications where high strength (approaching 1500 MPa), design flexibility and collision protection are paramount. The hot stamping technology is used for A- and B-pillar reinforcements, roof rails, side-wall members, bumpers, beams and other crash management components. The hot stamping process addresses the forming and springback issues experienced in conventional cold forming in higher strength steels.

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              Product Applications

              Available Grades

              Uncoated Full Hard PHS

              Uncoated Annealed PHS

              Product Details

              Benefits and Advantages

              Blanks produced from ULTRALUME PHS are heated in a furnace at 900 – 950 °C to bring the steel into the austenitic temperature range. The blank is then transferred to a hot forming press where the hot steel is formed into complex shapes. The steel cools rapidly inside the water-cooled dies and undergoes a phase transformation from austenite to a high strength phase – martensite. This rapid cooling, or quenching, increases the tensile strength of the steel from approximately 600 up to 1500 MPa. Since the steel is held in the dies during cooling, thermo-distortion and springback are avoided.

              • Cost-effective
              • Higher strength
              • Flexible, complex designs
              • Weight reductions


              ULTRALUME PHS is continuously hot dip coated on both sides of the steel. The aluminum coating bath contains approximately 91% aluminum and 9% silicon. The metallic coating is metallurgically bonded to the steel substrate and protects the steel surface against decarburization and oxidation during hot stamping. As a result, the shot blasting operation required for hot-stamped, uncoated steel parts is eliminated.


              Typical automotive welding processes such as resistance spot welding and gas metal arc (MIG) welding can be used for joining of hot-stamped ULTRALUME PHS. The composition, combined with the high strength and martensitic microstructure of the steel after hot stamping, requires weld process development and joint evaluation.

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